Wonder Woman

I’ve recently tapped into my ancient love of Wonder Woman. She was my hero, my goddess, my role-play when I was 8. I wanted to be her, look like her, run around and catch the bad guys with my lasso of truth. She was beautiful and strong and totally awesome. She flew an invisible plane for crying out loud. And Major Steve Trevor… sigh.

I’m not 8 anymore but she’s still a strong reference point for me. I look back to her as my first real role model of badass. However I do have to admit, that the rekindled love for Wonder Woman honestly is about her kickin’ bod. Truth be told. I’m on a fitness regime to whip my couch potato, laptop writing ass back into shape now that I’m technically “over 40”. 41 to be exact. I’m not sure I ever really looked like Wonder Woman even in my 20s. Well… maybe for a hot minute but it was short lived. Ah the good old days… Nevertheless, I’d give my right arm to look like her now. I’m kinda there, just not as sleek, or tall. I’ve been running again and I love it. And sometimes it’s good to set role model up for you to strive for both visually and psychologically.


All that is fun and in good humor. The truth is–– I run because I feel empowered when I do it, not really because I want a hot bod like Wonder Woman. That’s just a side-effect bonus. The running gives me a release from the tension, anger and frustration of the day. I’m not running from the problems, rather running through them. It affords me time to work things out in my mind. To plot, to scheme. To rage. It’s meditative. The footfalls, the pattern, the driving music behind me. My mind can elevate to a higher state of consciousness, which I always liken to something my 19th century Romantic Lit professor referenced as Wordsworth’s “Spots of time”. There are moments of clarity when an activity or a feeling is so perfect that the moment transcends reality. We are so in tune to what is occurring, the movement, the air, the feelings and emotions that we are elevated in, out and through the moment to almost hover above and look down on it with a sense of greater understanding. We are connected to it in a way that cannot happen when grounded corporeally. It is a state of mind that becomes physical and in essence heals.

There are in our existence spots of time,

That with distinct pre-eminence retain

A renovating virtue, whence-depressed

By false opinion and contentious thought,

Or aught of heavier or more deadly weight,

In trivial occupations, and the round

Of ordinary, intercourse –– our minds

Are nourished and invisibly repaired;

A virtue, by which pleasure is enhanced,

That penetrates, enables us to mount,

When high, more high, and lifts us up when fallen.

                                                                        ~The Prelude 12.208-218, Wordsworth

I find that this inner mediation helps drive me further. In my struggle to be as badass as I can be, I comprehend the world around me differently. I want control yet there are many things, most things actually, that I cannot control. Situations and circumstances that are beyond my scope of effectiveness. This frustration seeps into daily life if not expelled. The running is the release, the meditation on the aspect, the working through it in my mind and the physical release of endorphins that make me feel good about the decisions I’ve come to. In essence, I am a warrior in training. While I fight the good fight to stay true to my beliefs, I am on a path to make myself strong, both mentally and physically. I am in a constant journey of balance.

Sculpture or a Wounded Amazon Warrior, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sculpture or a Wounded Amazon Warrior, Metropolitan Museum of Art

I channel Wonder Woman’s strength, beauty and set her up as an icon––a goal to strive for and obtain. Wonder Woman was an Amazon. A Greek warrior goddess. Her creators at DC named her alter ego Diana. Make no mistake they chose that on purpose, Diana, Mother Earth, warrior goddess. The huntress. Amazons were bold, fierce warriors. They fought along side and against men, deeply committed to their tribe and society. They farmed, traded, studied and governed on their own as powerful women. They chose to be with men not because they needed them to provide, but because they wanted their companionship. When I said I’d give my right arm to look like Wonder Woman, it brings up an interesting piece of trivia. Amazons were reported to have cut off or even burned off their developing right breast before sexual maturity to strengthen the fighting arm and make it easier to shoot a bow. Now that is true commitment to the warrior sisterhood.

I am committed to this journey of both badassness and strength. It’s a mental and physical quest. As I regain my power, I can tackle things that are more difficult. I can perceive the world around me in a different light.  I can channel that into my writing and draw from that insight. These days I will slay with a pen and my fierce words. I will be the Amazon and huntress of my own world. And I will hold Wonder Woman up as the face of that.

Go forth and experience your own spot of time.



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