Cochise, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick


This is going to sound crazy but I absolutely love Cochise on Falling Skies. Yeah, it’s the family dynamic and the struggle to survive the extinction of the human race that makes Falling Skies so awesome, but I have to mention what a fantastic addition the Volm, specifically Cochise is to the cast. The Volm enhance the members of the resistance and provide a great foil for the Espheni and skitters. Not all alien life forms are out to eradicate humanity. It’s refreshing in a grungy way that Star Trek was not. (Still the greatest franchise to ever grace television. Don’t want to seem blasphemous.)

Ah, Cochise… I find him adorable. It’s not like he gives off the warm-fuzzies. He’s not pretty with his green reptilian skin, big buggy eyes and a tiny skull-like hole for a nose, but there’s just something about him that sticks. He intrigues me. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of him at his essence. He’s a tall, upright turtle that could quite frankly perform with the best of them in a Shakespearean production of Henry the V. (Cochise in the park – “alas poor Yorick…” I giggle as I digress.)

Anyway, I’ve significantly analyzed my leanings toward him. The writer in me and this ongoing study of character and my tendency toward specific types. Tall, honorable, self-sacrificing heroes are my kryptonite. My findings: It’s in the way Cochise carries himself with stoic grace. His patience and deep respect for the human condition. The timbre of his deep voice and aristocratic cadence of his speech. His personality shines in his golden eyes and the tilt of his head when he’s curious. His kindness and self-deprecating manner when he’s vexed with a problem. All of that put together make him attractive. Endearing. A gentleman warrior. And make me wish that more humans could behave with such impeccable manners and compassion. Maybe he’s a throwback to a more genial time. 

Nevertheless, he makes me keep watching amidst this crazy Season 4 rehash of Nazi-brainwashing and the Chosen One Human-Espheni hybrid whose appearance is a direct rip off of the Mother of Dragons. Please, there can be only one of her. 

I know the story is about the Masons and their quest to save Earth, but it’s punctuated and enhanced with this amazing character in Cochise. I can only hope to see more of him next season.


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